Support to Export-Oriented Innovative SMEs
This project is implemented as part of the EU-Russia Cooperation Programme
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In many countries of the world small and medium-sized enterprises mostly operate to satisfy the needs of the internal market and big companies usually produce for the external markets. Due to the globalization processes many SME from various countries that have mastered new ways and methods of international cooperation and have applied innovative approaches to their production process and management started to be more and more involved into the international economic activities.

That is why many Russian SME also begin to think about international economic activities (including export) as of a strategic alternative for business development that will enable them to become more competitive (even on the internal markets) and more sustainable from the long-term prospective.

How then Russian SME could realize their export potential? Could international economic activities become a reality for them? Do they have enough potential for that? Who and how could support them? A range of various initiatives on the federal and international levels have been implemented right now in order to find answers to such questions as well as to acquire sufficient practical experience, to develop and to test some stimulating support mechanisms.

The three years Tacis project - "Support to Export-Oriented Innovative SMEs" - EUROPAID/121069/C/SV/RU is one of such initiatives.

The Partner of the Project is Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business Support.
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