Support to Export-Oriented Innovative SMEs
This project is implemented as part of the EU-Russia Cooperation Programme
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Project Description

The Projects key objective is to support the process of development of the export-oriented innovative SMEs (EOI SMEs) with the scope of enhancing EU-Russia trade relations and contributing to the realization of the Common Economic Space.

Objectives of the project:

  • To promote an incentive business environment for export-oriented innovative SMEs;
  • To enhance the capacity of business support organizations to support innovative export-oriented SMEs;
  • To support the development of innovative export-oriented SMEs;
  • To develop relations between Russian innovative export-oriented SMEs and their European partners, between Russian and European export support centres, to enhance information and disseminate results and good practice.

    During the Project is it planned to prepare a group of pilot companies (not less than 20) selected in the pilot regions by a special procedure (competition) to enter the European markets with the innovative products / services. The necessary support will be provided to the companies, starting from the diagnostics of the current state and their potential to conducting marketing researches and certification in compliance with the international standards. A special focus point will be to enhance the access of SMEs to crediting and financial resources.

    Besides the practical support to the group of pilot SMEs helping them enter the EU markets, the aim of the project includes the realization of the incentive business environment and the support infrastructure of EOI SMEs in Russia. Later a connection of this infrastructure to the corresponding European business and information network is planned. Furthermore, the methodology of support of the export-oriented activity of innovative SMEs developed in the course of the Project will be spread towards other regions of Russia within the framework of the programmes implemented by Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (MEDT) of Russian Federation. These are challenging tasks but their successful implementation will offer an opportunity to design and test within the Project a number of standard basic packages of services to SMEs which in the future will be provided in all the regions of the country by the corresponding EOI SMEs support infrastructure.

    The Partner of the Project is Russian Agency for Small and Medium Business Support on the basis of which all the current activities are being carried out.

    The Project is being implemented under the control of the Steering Committee.

    The Project activity at the first stage is being carried out in the five pilot regions approved by the Steering Committee, namely Kaluga, Leningrad, Moscow, Rostov-on-Don and Tomsk regions. Further on, at the subsequent stages, the Project activities will expand to six complementary regions Astrakhan, Volgograd, Irkutsk and Kemerovo regions as well as Krasnodar and Krasnoyarsk territories.

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