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This project is implemented as part of the EU-Russia Cooperation Programme
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Euro Info Centre Russia

Euro Info Centre - Russia

EICC launch page 1 (PDF)
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Invitation and agenda EICC launch conference 27.9. (DOC)
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Eurochambres Press Release Opening EICC in Russia (PDF)

According to the Agreement signed between Russian Agency for Support of Small and Medium Business and DG źEnterprise and Industry╗ of the European Commission (Brussels, Belgium), Euro Info Centre ľ Russia is going to be established on the basis of the Russian Agency.

The Euro Info Centre (EIC) Network is one of several Business Networks within EU that support creation and development of information environment for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). First EICs were created in 1987 by the European Commission to provide business information for SMEs, other businesses in EU member-states. For the last ten years the EIC network has considerably extended due to creation of Euro Info Correspondent Centres, Euro Info Coordinators, Euro Info Partners, in European Union candidate states and in other countries that constitute interest in cooperation with EU. All in all now the entire EIC Network consists of more than 300 centres and covers 281 cities in 47 countries of the world.

EIC network disseminate various information and consult companies on different matters of EU activities. Also they are used as feedback mechanism providing to various EU structures SMEs opinion on urgent issues related to their development and growth. On average, EICs directly answer about 360,000 queries from SMEs every year. They concern a wide range of issues, such as business co-operation, Commission programmes and funding and general EU matters. EICs have a direct access to the European Commission and are supported by a team of experts in Brussels, assisting them in answering the most complex questions.

Information is also provided to companies through awareness-raising activities (participation in fairs, organisation of seminars, lectures, workshopsů) and a range of publications offered in local languages (guides, newsletters, websitesů).

EICs perform an advisory role in a wide range of business sectors. They have expertise in areas of specific interest to companies such as: public procurement, business co-operation, financing, market research and European legislation. Working with in-house specialists, EICs help companies to apply for Commission projects and fulfil administrative formalities. EICs also advise companies on opportunities provided by Commission programmes, as well as on current and proposed Community legislation.

International co-operation is a vital strategy for the European companies and for SMEs, in particular, in order to boost their competitiveness in the enlarged Internal Market and beyond. Within the EIC Network, international Business Co-operation means a process of logical steps divided in 3 main phases: preparation, partner search and realization. Each of them corresponds to SMEs' needs and to related EIC services with added value. EICs help companies evaluate their readiness to co-operate and define the type of co-operation needed, through a specific methodology and with the assistance of tools developed over the years by experts of the Network.

To better assist enterprises in finding a partner, a specific Business Cooperation database has been launched in April 2004. This tool is meant to become the reference for business cooperation between enterprises in Europe. After a face-to-face meeting with the enterprise, the EIC encodes an exhaustive profile in the database. The profile is then made available to more than 600 centres, all over Europe. By December 2004, more than 3000 profiles had been encoded in this database. Also being a part of a special EU business information system (b2europe initiative), EIC are capable of transferring the companies request to more specialized networks.

From January 01, 2008 the EIC network will be merged with the IRC network; this will expand the sphere of the Russian EIC activities to innovations.

The activity and the services provided by the Russian EIC will fully promote integration of the Russian SMEs to the common economic space of EU as well as support implementation of the priorities set forth by the Russian economy ľ development of export and innovative potential of the Russian SMEs.

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